Meeting on the snow

If one wonders if it is possibly and conveniently combine a business meeting withan exciting mix of entertainment involving nature, enchanting landscapes and enjoy of winter sports, fabulous pistes and ultramodern lifts in addition to some greataprès-ski, stylish and sophisticated nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine and fantastic wines - with Anfithrion  the answer is an emphatic YES!!

Two of  Northern Italy's largest  skiing districts - the Super Dolomiti region and the Milky Way – offer hundreds of kilometers of lift-linked slopes where  ANFITHRION will organize for your clients special after business-sessions activities such as: night skiing on well-lit piste or/and heli-ski ; winter trekking ; snow rafting ;team-building activities as igloo building, followed by overnight in self built iglo ; sledding experience ; winter Olympic games, including different trial runs ;different adrenaline activities to choose from according to clients'abilities and courage such as taxi bob ;  kite ski, ice climbing etc, etc, etc. driving on the snow and ice ; moonlight "ciaspole - snowshoeing" snow-rackets walking or moonlight sledge.

ting on the sno

  • Where: Italian Dolomites, Piedmont
  • Duration: from 3 till 7 days
  • No of participants: from 10 till 100 persons