Business Meetings & Convention in Italy

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, perfectly unique venue to host your next meeting, convention, seminar, Incentive trip or event ? Some really unique spot that managers and business customers expect and which will remain in their memories for years to come ?
We have a network of the best and most carefully selected , inspiring and functional sites all over Italy, an unrivalled range of venues from five-star luxury boutique hotels to be taken on exclusive basis for a board meeting, a full immersion session or an Incentive programme, to unique, well-equipped museum venues where to hold a conference at. We can simplify your search for something new, something memorable and at prices that you can afford.

  • Where: all over Italy
  • Duration: from 1 day till 7 days
  • No of participants: from 10 till 800 persons

Meeting in a SPA

Since the  Ancient Rome’s time Thermae ( which resemble today’s  Spas ) have been  part of the Italian lifestyle  and a focal centre for socialization, recreational activities and for building business relationships.  No matter what part of Italy you will choose to stay at,  you will find  a SPA to host your meeting and an unique...
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Meeting on the snow

If one wonders if it is possibly and conveniently combine a business meeting withan exciting mix of entertainment involving nature, enchanting landscapes and enjoy of winter sports, fabulous pistes and ultramodern lifts in addition to some greataprès-ski, stylish and sophisticated nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine and fantastic wines - with Anfithrion  the answer is an emphatic YES!! Two...
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Hotels for sportive groups

For those who  wish to break out of the normal meeting routines and combine business with pleasure, to stimulate and pamper the participants to get the right balance of mind and body,  we offer  a large range of  'one stop'  conference & meeting  locations  with residental accommodation complemented by modern facilites for fitness, sport and leisure as...
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Exclusive hotels for events

Small country, beach or mountain hotels with particular charm located in settings with striking impact, available to rent on an exclusive basis .

lusive hotels fo

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Business & Wellness

One  of many Italian SPAs  will be your solution for a special setting for  corporate meetings,  board meetings or training days.  Comfortable rooms, well equipped meeting rooms and an ideal  milieu to prepare body and soul for business session, to relax between meetings, to get inspired and get fresh ideas to flow, to obtain personal...
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