Venetian Masquerade  Ball

Venetian theme gives guests the opportunity to be transported to the 16th century Venice, if only for one night and to experience firsthand the mystery that  since its start in 13th century  till its decline during the 18th century has always surrounded  world’s most famous Masquerade Ball.  Mystery, intrigue, romance, women in elaborate epoch dresses with  their faces hidden by feathered masks, men wearing elegant costumes, covering their faces by leather masks,  great palaces of  Venice as a stage, with their rich furnishing  and decorations, and incredible mis-en-place, all paired with  fantastic entertainment programme  - all of them are key elements to create to the  most amazing, colorful,  full of surprises, glamour corporate event.

Clients arriving in gondolas to an illuminated  palazzo while San Mark’s heralds blow their special epoch trumpets, will be Welcomed by a historical parade with  Doge and his spouse.  A Baroque ensamble will play during the aperitif while candlelight Venetian style Gala dinner will be accompanied by  duets from the most famous Italian operas will be performed.  The masters of dance will  introduce guests to the Minuet and  Gavotte, the favourite dances of European aristocrats,  and will teach the basic steps of these epoch dances. The party will go on with live music orchestra : 60/70 & 80’s.

Dress code: costumes and masks which will be delivered directly to clients’ rooms.