La Dolce Vita party

Inspired by the Federico Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita” (“The Good Life”), it is remarkable and full of unique ideas interactive corporate event evoking a historical period when Rome played a leading role in some of the  most dazzling pages of the world’s cinema history and  recalling that époque  like a time of amusement,  wealth and   in general good life. Red carpet arrival with period paparazzi , journalists,  figurants for the ovation, photographers and  cameraman,  happenings with characters from Fellini’s films,  live performances of  singers and years’ sixties-style dances, fashion show fitted in with the theme,  the sensuality  of  Italian style, cuisine and beverages,  will  contribute to setting the event in     the right atmosphere.

ce Vita p

  • Where: all over Italy but especially in Rome
  • Duration: 1 day/evening
  • No of participants: from 100 till 600 persons