Themed dinners and Events

If you are looking for a themed dinner or an event that creates a lasting memory for the participants, which adds some real magic or just a strong local touch, Anfithrion will select and supply a perfect theme which will make the success of your gala dinner/event.
Here are some of the most frequently asked for theme ideas to inspire your gala planning, just to mention a few – some are designed to experience history and culture
of the bygone days, some others are related to films or contemporary events, others to local traditions and celebrations.

La Dolce Vita party

Inspired by the Federico Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita” (“The Good Life”), it is remarkable and full of unique ideas interactive corporate event evoking a historical period when Rome played a leading role in some of the  most dazzling pages of the world’s cinema history and  recalling that époque  like a time of amusement,  wealth and...
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Italian night

A fun-filled informal evening to be held alfresco or in a specially decorated hall,with street food stations to taste regional specialities prepared in the spot, piping-hot  pizza served from a wood-fuelled oven, exquisite food from different parts of Italy and fine wines – all  seasoned with  folk music, a marching band and street artists,  an...
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Black tie dinner in a Castle or epoch villa

Dinner  hosted in  breathtaking venue lit up with torches and hung with banners, with a special Welcome on arrival and red carpet entrance,  aperitif & hors-d’oeuvres served in the garden or in  the courtyard , with a concert  of  Italian classical and operatic music. Then guest will be treated to a 4-course sumptuous dinner  accompanied by...
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Toga party Roman Imperial Banquet

Imperial Roman dinner in a villa in Rome, along the Apian Way, in a dining room decorated with classical motifs; tables ornamented with fruit and flower arrangements, meal featuring foods dating back to Roman times  ( so excluding pasta, tomato, ect.); appropriate background music; menu printed in Latin; transport  by chariot; special entertainment programme during...
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Renaissance dinner

Dinner party at a period villa or palace, illuminated with torches, adorned with flowers and fruit displays . Welcome by flag-waving troupe and music, aperitif of spiced wine followed by  with Renaissance menu, decorated tables, waiters in period costumes. Period music and dances performed during the evening which ends with a sound-and-light show. On request we...
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Medieval banquet

The banquet  to be held in a Medieval castle, convent, monastery or an abbey,lit with torches and hung with banners . Welcome by flag-wavers and pipers, historical parade with horses and figures in period  costumes, harquebus –shooting and jousting show, followed by dinner featuring Medieval dishes served by waiters in period  costumes, with choreography in...
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Country festival

Festival celebrations in a small medieval village with – with a special permission - a series of  events at various points in the village: dancing in the square; jazz band concert; “ Between the Fantastical and the Magical “ happenings route by an experimental theatre troupe; wine tasting in the local wine cellars; folk music; pizzas...
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Medieval dinner event

Happenings in Medieval villages recalling historic events and personalities, traditions and culinary customs, flag-wavers shows and concerts,  meetings with the enogastronomic and Bacchic Confraternities and Sodalities, officiated over by the "Grand Maestro and the Brothers”, dressed in velvet and damask showing their emblems and wearing feathered period  hats or top-hats, wide ermine-bordered mantels with large...
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Venetian Masquerade  Ball

Venetian theme gives guests the opportunity to be transported to the 16th century Venice, if only for one night and to experience firsthand the mystery that  since its start in 13th century  till its decline during the 18th century has always surrounded  world’s most famous Masquerade Ball.  Mystery, intrigue, romance, women in elaborate epoch dresses...
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