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Theme Tours

In the splendour of its uniqueness, Italy is an enviable mine of tradition, ideas, discoveries and places of excellence. Arguably for this mix, we at Anfithrion, stand on great stead in the organisation of theme tours, technical visits which include sundry interests of natural, socio-cultural and scientific leanings.

On request, we organise specific programs in the field of :

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Breeding
  • Apiculture
  • Traditional food and product
  • Ancient and modern architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Renovation techniques
  • Ancient library, renovation and preservation of ancient volumes
  • Civil and Industrial construction
  • Architecture
  • Production of electricity and source of renewable energy
  • Ancient traditions and functions
  • Ancient and modern ceramic
  • Caves and construction materials
  • Natural Oasis and protected parks
  • Italian gardens
  • Cars and motorcycles

And many more...

Theme Tour
Theme Tour
Theme Tour
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incentive programs
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