Wine Tours


Anfithrion's wine tours across Italy are spectacular to a fault as each region produces its own exceptional wines although they are not generally known internationally.

To this end, we would like to draw your attention to regions such as Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, Sicily, Trentino, Latium and Umbria for the exceptional quality of their products.

Programs will be planned according to the time available, the specific interests and the budget of each group. We recommend a stay of at least three days per region. It would be very interesting to visit two or more regions with at least six days at your disposal


These tours can take place all year round but the most interesting time is the grape harvest period, that is September and October.

During our tours, we will take our clients through the remotest and most exclusive wine cellars and "enoteche" (wine shops) to the wine museums where the tools used by the wine-dressers will lead us through the "streets" of the Wine-History.

You will be able to taste the best wines of each region whose history we shall explain in addition to their organoleptic characteristics, how they combine with food, their ageing systems, wine-making and how to serve and store them.

During our tour, our Clients will taste the best regional and local cuisine and those dishes prepared with wine. We also organize meetings with enogastronomic associations, Bacchic confraternities and sodalities, meetings with experts, mini-conventions with important wine-connoisseurs and sommeliers. For the Wine Tour program, small groups are recommended (with the possible exception of mini-conventions, meetings and seminars).

The Wine tours can be combined with other tours such as the Gastronomy tours and Olive oil tours.

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