The top excursions in Rome

Best of Rome  FD                                                          

( Rome over the centuries: Imperial , Medieval,  Baroc , Renaissance, )

Roman Empire  HD  

(Coliseum, Roman Forum, Palatine, Pantheon)

Ancient Ostia  HD      

(Visit of  the excavations of the ancient city of Ostia)

Best of Vatican  FD     

( Vatican Museum, Sistine  Chapel, Raphael’s  Rooms, St. Peter  Basilica, Vatican Garden)

Unknown Rome  HD      

(Visit of  interesting places of the City off the beaten track)

The underground Rome  HD    

(Visit of apogee, Mosaic,  Roman houses, Gladiator Barracks , located in underground, closed to the public)

Borghese Gallery  HD      

( Bernini,Canova,Caravaggio, Raffaello, Lotto, Antonello da Messina, Tiziano, Rubens ecc.)

Best of Imperial Rome  only    HD                                               

Coliseum, Tito Arch, Pantheon, Roman Forum,  Trajan markets, Baths of Diocletian, Palazzo Massimo, Palatine )

Best of Renaissance Rome   only HD                                                 

(  Via Giulia, Villa Farnesina, Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo Cancelleria, Chiostro Bramante, ecc)

Best of Baroc  Rome   only HD                                                               

(Palazzo Barberini, Palazzo Colonna,Palazzo Doria Pamphilij, The St. Peter’s Basilica )

Tivoli: Villa d’Este,Villa Gregoriana, Villa Adriana.          

(Villa d’Este Fauntain garden, Villa Gregoriana, Villa Adriana   )

Rome and the Jewish Community     HD                                                 

(Synagogue, the Ghetto, Portico d’Ottavia, Teatro Marcello, Judeorum Bridge. Tiberina Island)

Bike in Rome        HD                                                                                    

( From Piazza di Spagna to  Piazza di Spagna: Campo dei Fiori, Santa Maria della Pace, Piazza Navona, Palazzo Madama, San Luigi de' Francesi, il Pantheon, ecc.)

Christian Rome        FD                                                                                

(St. Peter Basilica, S. Mary  Maggiore, St. John in  Lateran, The holy Steps, the Catacombes .)

The passion and the enchantment of marble        HD                          

(The passion of Bernini and Canova's ideal beauty enclosed in marble: two giants of the sculpture in comparison .)

The light of the stones         HD                                                            

(The wonder and the light of the mosaics: real treasures hidden in secluded and quiet corners of Rome.)

The illusion of colored shapes     HD                                                      

(Discover one of the most astonishing artistic phenomena of Roman painting: illusionistic baroque ceilings).

The gold of the poor          HD                                                                 

(An unforgettable journey into the land that enchanted the ancient Roman emperors: the Sabina.)

The mysteries of the Etruscans      HD                                                      

The ancient civilization of the Etruscans: relive their extraordinary story through unrepeatable experiences..)

Roman libraries          HD                                                                              

(St. Peter Basilica, S. Mary  Maggiore, St. John in  Lateran, The holy Steps, the Catacombes .)

A disposal a personnel Shopper  HD     

(A professional high fashion  at disposal for advice and tips that will accompany you during your shopping in Rome)

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