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Team Building

Anfithrion is well aware of the significance of teambuilding in the development of any business activities. Encouraging group interaction in a bid to determine their working cohesion and to gain an understanding of team dynamics is an essential part in ascertaining the state of one's business.

Our main objective is the provision of activities with the clear purpose of fulfilling our client's goals. Our activities, which are of various nature and size, are indoors or outdoors, and intended to enhance our teams' skills in communications and inter-personal interaction.

Based on the specific request of our clients, we can always be counted on to line up a series of programs that not only meet our client's desires but also leave them more desirous of our services, such as:

  • Getting conscious of psychological attitudes and communication in relation to teamwork
  • Task planning and division among each teams’ participants
  • Improvement of capacities to evaluate emergency and unexpected situations
  • Simulation of different situations in order to teach techniques of the correct use of different personal and team’s resources
  • Self- control and stress control as well as personal and team’s attitude
  • Stimulation of interactivity among team members and accomplishing goals together
  • Or just a teambuilding event combined with leisure aspects of an evening entertainment activity

We organize indoor and outdoor activities , according to the number of participants and their profile, time available and period, as well as the characteristics of the area where the group stays:

Survival trials; ability games; Medieval games - a dive into magic and mysterious Medieval atmosphere; cookery and wine competitions; 4 x 4 rallies; orienteering ; hot air balloon game; group games for fun; trust-building activities; self-awareness exercises; physical activities; sailing challenge ………. and much more.

Team Buiding
Team Buiding
Team Buiding
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incentive programs
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