If you’re looking forward to bringing your group together for fun in a challenging, and competitive environment, then our team building regatta program is the perfect event for your next meeting. No prior sailing experience is required and team members may participate as much or as little as they wish. It will be an unforgettable and emotional team experience, consolidating relations between various teams’ members, encouraging interpersonal communication and stimulating trust, and transmitting the corporate message in an exciting and adventurous context.
A full licensed Captain will be aboard each yacht to coach each team through this exciting program. A CD of event photos and customized T-shirts, hats and rain jackets, as well as runners-up medals and cups for the winning team are included in the regatta package. Depending on the time available and the venue of the regatta, there will be a picnic lunch or lunch in a harbour restaurant at the end of the competition.
Other great options can be added to make your team building event one to remember for years to come…all at reasonable rates.

How it works:
Each team consists of 5 to10 guests that are assigned to one of our beautifully maintained sailboats with a full licensed Captain on board. After a short briefing when the group arrives, the captains will take their teams down to their assigned boats and provide a concise run-through of safety precautions and boat features before heading out to the start line. En route to the start line, the team will determine crew positions amongst themselves with help of their Captain. Team members may participate as much or as little as they wish, but we encourage everyone to get involved. After a brief practice session under the guidance of the captain, the race commences and the excitement begins! Once each team finishes the race, captains will use any remaining time for some leisurely sightseeing around before heading back to the pier . We will announce the winning team after everyone arrives back at the marina and hand out customized, runners-up medals to all the participants and then the cups to the winning team before the groups depart. Total event time typically runs from 3.5 to 4 hours for half a day competition and about 8 h for a full day competition, but we can always customize your program to suit your scheduling needs.

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  • Where: anywhere along the Italian coast and on the major lakes. We especially recommend the following areas: along Rome’s coast; in Tuscany along Maremma Coast or in the Viareggio- Versiglia area, Sicily and its islands, Naples’ area, Venice’s area, Lake Maggiore, Como, Garda, Trasimeno and Bracciano Lake.
  • Duration: half day or full day programme
  • No of participants: from 8 pax till 200 pax