A sport that is almost like a dance and a challenge to gravity through its psycho-physical performances powered by the innate desire for unlimited space from the parent rock, including great sensations of living with grit and emotion.
This sport is all about concentration, balance and contact with nature. The climbing school offers you the chance to study and take on this sport, highlighting the various aspects of body movement and the techniques of climbing, not to mention all the information and advice to ensure the necessary security.

Day’s  activities will be organized  according to clients’  level and experience. For the first timers will focus on developing the essential skills for independent rock climbing at a single-pitch venue. We will provide all the necessary equipment. It is also possible to exercise on rock climbing gym ( Pallestra di Roccia).

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  • Where: Liguria, Lombardy, Umbria, Tuscany, Trentino, Piedmont.
  • Duration: half day or full day programme
  • No of participants: from 8 pax till 100 pax