Orienteering competition

The “ Orienteering “ is not just a game but an officially and internationally recognized sport competition which involves the use of brain as well as legs.

The principles of orienteering are : read a map, navigate yourself around a course, and do it as quickly as you can. Orienteering presents constant challenges and it is a team building activity suitable for all groups.

The group, split in teams, will get blind city maps or topographical maps, a compass, questionnaire, etc. etc and will have to find its way in a city or in a countryside, a forest, along mountain slopes, going through check points ( so called “ lanterns”) as quick as possible, answering to questions related to monuments and venues en route, taking pictures, when necessary . The best team will be awarded .

This will be a rather unusual and funny way to visit a city or to explore an unique habitat or a countryside.

We collaborate with the Italian FISO team.

eering compet

  • Where: City Orienteering in any town in Italy, like Rome, Venice, Florence , Naples, Milan, Turin. Mountain Orienteering along volcano Etna’s slopes or in the Italian Alps, countryside orienteering in Tuscany and in Umbria, or mid of vineyards in Piedmont, Venice surrounding or in Tuscany.
  • Duration: half day or full day programme
  • No of participants: from 10 pax till 500 pax