Rome Region Incentive Idea

The ‘dolce vita’ and ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’ Rome

Rome played a leading role in some of the most dazzling pages of the world’s cinema history, and is indissolubly linked to unforgettable films such as Federico Fellini’s ‘La dolce vita’ and William Wyler’s ‘Roman Holiday’. The tour takes in the places featured in these films: Trastevere, the city’s picturesque open-air markets, St.Peter’s, the Trevi fountain etc etc…Lunch on a riverboat on the Tiber. In the evening, a sidewalk aperitif on Via Veneto enlivened by a happening in perfect ‘Dolce Vita’ style, organised by a group of young, very promising actors.

The evening’s entertainment continues at a nightclub or a villa on the Appian Way, with dinner, dancing and little happenings in the Sixties style prepared by theatrical performers.


Arrival in the evening at a picturesque ancient village in the Sabine hills, 40 Km from Rome. The whole town will be lit up with Roman torches for the occasion, and the participants will be welcomed on arrival by the local authorities. There will be a special show featuring the sponsor’s colours and logo. A buffet of traditional local confectionery and appetizers will be served in the picturesque village square, with an unlimited supply of local wine straight from the barrel. A one-hour entertainment show by an experimental theatre group will be performed  in the square, after which the participants will be driven by private coach to the Benedectine Abbey for the Gala Dinner, where they will be greeted by flag-wavers at the entrance. The Abbey and the whole village will be specially illuminated for the occasion. The Gala Dinner will be held in the ideal, highly picturesque setting of the friars’ ancient refectory. The tables will be set out in a horse-shoe layout, and the menu, consisting of at least 10 courses, will consist of ancient Sabine and Roman dishes, each served with its own special choreography by waiters in medieval costume. The banquet will be accompanied by medieval music and songs (or if preferred, by classical music). Return to Rome after midnight. Overnight stay

Underground Rome

A trip to the city below the ground, through a labyrinth of unique and fascinating discoveries: hypogea, Mithraic temples, neo – Pythagorean churches and basilicas, catacombs, still-navigable underground canals and aquaducts, the ‘cloaca’ sewer network (built by Etruscan labourers to drain the swamps around the Palatine Hill), mementoes of Christian persecutions and barbarian invasions, watchmen’s barracks and subterranean dwellings such as Nero’s magnificent ‘Domus Aurea’. Lunch on a terrace overlooking the Roman Forum.

The splendours of Rome

Tour of some of the most sumptuous Roman ‘palazzos’, palatial dwellings built between the 16th and 18th centuries filled with magnificent frescoes, paintings, sculptures and furniture, whose every detail recalls the fabulous atmosphere of past banquets and receptions.  Some have been turned into museums, others are still the private homes of aristocratic families. The day’s schedule includes cocktails in a privately-owned palazzo. Lunch in a small, select restaurant in the heart of the city. Gala dinner at a palazzo with classical music, or Renaissance dinner at a period villa.

Haute Couture in Rome

Guided tour of Rome’s most prestigious fashion boutiques, with cocktails. Lunch in an elegant restaurant in the city centre. In the afternoon, fashion show at the atelier of one of Italy’s most famous designers: cocktails, introduction to the designer, fashion show featuring the designer’s latest collection with top models, background music and presentation of the various outfits. At the end of the show a bottle of the designer’s own brand of perfume will be given to the ladies . Purchasing opportunities.

Mini-course for Wine Experts

Full- day or half-day course, the first step in wine knowledge, under the guidance of a member of the Italian Sommelier’s Association. Those who have the full day free can also visit one of Italy’s most prestigious vineyards. Dinner with seasonal meat and fish dishes, each accompanied by appropriate top-quality Italian wines.

Mini-course on Italian Cookery

Course held in one of the best restaurants on Rome’s outskirts, focussing on a chosen theme: hors d’oeuvres, pasta dishes and country-style soups, vegetables, meat dishes etc etc…the day will also feature an olive-oil tasting session. Each participant will also have the opportunity to bake ‘personalised’ bread and cakes. Lunch featuring dishes prepared during the morning. In the afternoon, visit to a vineyard, with wine-tasting.Dinner at the restaurant with local specialties discussed during the day and tasting of traditional Latium cheeses.

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