The Secrets of Sabina

Sabina is a rather unknown, very picturesque hilly area north east of Rome,   untouched by mass tourism and one of the best-preserved Italian rural areas. Sabina has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was the location of events that changed the history of ancient Rome and of all Italy. It was also the site of the famous " Rape of the Sabine Women" when Rome was first founded. It is a land of gently hills clad with olive groves, adorned with Roman villas, medieval castles, churches and ancient abbeys, and perfectly intact medieval villages where you will be welcome by the locals and have an opportunity to appreciate the relaxing rural and magical atmosphere.

The Sabina region is celebrated for simple and genuine ( and abundant ) cuisine based on the flavours of local produce and exquisite extra virgin olive oil which is one of the best produced in Italy. The Sabina olive groves were already mentioned by Cato, Horace and Cocumella and Sabina's extra virgin olive oil, characteristic of a smooth consistency and a fruity aroma, was the first in Italy to get DOP certification. Grape growing and wine making were well known to the Romans who have produced red and white wines in Sabina since Imperial times. However, the excellent Sabina olive oil has often stolen the stage at the expense of the local wines.

Wines from this region  rank high in quality thanks to recent investments by local producers which have led to improvements in the planting of vines and an expansion of the production structure. As a result, there has been a general increase in the quality of the wines. In 1996, a D.O.C. appellation was obtained for Sabina's wines.

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  • Where: Rome, Rieti, Sabina area
  • Duration: from 1 day till 3 days programmes
  • No of participants: from 8 till 30 persons