Campania Flavours

1st Day
Late morning arrival in Naples apartment, followed by a meeting with our Tour Leader ( versed in clients’ language, if possible, otherwise an English speaking person ) and then transfer in a deluxe bus to an ancient and picturesque village, over 1000 year old, one of the oldest and unspoiled in the Sanio area, a real open-air museum. There you will visit a very interesting winery, one of the best in Southern Italy , which played an important role in the revival campaign for the Falanghina grape,  a native grape  brought to Campania by the Greek colonizers. Then a visit to the historic cellars dug into the rocks, followed by tasting of fresh and lovely white wines as well as others in the local winery; and then lunch featuring typical homemade dishes of local tradition.

Afternoon: A guided visit to the “ Reggia”  at Caserta, Italy’s Versailles, a UNESCO’s Heritage, a richly decorated, massive Royal Palace designed by Luigi Vanvitelli for the extravagant King Charles III, with over 1000 rooms and a theatre, surrounded by splendid gardens and a park, served by a 40 km long aqueduct built to supply water to the estate. After the visit, continue  to the Amalfi coast. On arrival at your hotel, check into reserved rooms and time to unpack.

Evening: Seafood dinner in a typical, de charme restaurant. Campania’s sea is very abundantly endowed and you will have a chance to taste some of the most popular dishes based on fresh catches such as: spaghetti with clams, octopus stew in a sealed clay  pot with olives and parsley or with chilly and tomatoes, squid and cuttlefish salad, salted cod, fresh sardines and anchovies, local fishes as “ pezzogna”, highly prized for its delicious flesh. Overnight in hotel.

2st Day

Amalfi Coast.  BB in hotel and then a transfer to Paestum  for a visit to this very important archaeological area, the city of Poseidon which dates back to the 6th century BC, and one of the most important ancient Greek sites in Italy. Afterwards, continue to an avant-garde farm breeding buffalo and producing exquisite mozzarella cheese and other products from buffalo milk. This farm applies  the most modern biological technologies and takes particular care of animals’ wealth-being ( e.g. each buffalo has  its own mattress, is showered every day, etc. etc.). It will be a real unusual  experience.

You will also watch mozzarella making process and of course will taste it  together with other local specialities.

Late afternoon begins with “hands-on session” focusing on pizza. You will learn  all the secrets of how to prepare different types of pizzas and especially, you will discover what a DOC certified pizza is.

At the end you will sample pizzas cooked during the session and other local specialities.
Overnight in hotel.

3st Day

Amalfi Coast. BB in hotel and then depart for a full day guided wandering  along the Amalfi Coast, visiting Amalfi, magical Ravello and Villa Ruffolo ( where Wagner got the inspiration for one of the most evocative scenes in his “ Parsifal”, the meeting between the hero and the beauteous Kundry), exclusive Positano and tiny Cetrara. At Cetara  you will discover colatura, an Italian version of fish sauce related to garum , the ancient Romans’ seasoning based on fermented anchovies. Lunch in a typical de charme country inn featuring savoury  local dishes, including dishes prepared with colatura 

During the day you will also visit lemon groves near Amalfi and the  producer of  “ Limoncello”   liquor.


Dinner in a legendary, 2 Michelin starred restaurant, one of the best Italian  restaurants,  a “ must” for all the gourmets while in the area.

Return to hotel for an overnight stay

4st Day

Amalfi CoastBB in hotel, then transfer to a little town of Gragnano where the ancient art of making pasta from durum wheat has a very long tradition –  dating back to more than 500 years ago. The local pasta is really one of the best in Italy and has a very special taste  thanks to the locally prepared semolina and spring water from the area. It’s also slow-dried due to Gragnano’s climatic characteristics ( much slower than commercial pasta and sun-drying pastas) and bronze die. All this makes the final product very, very special.  You will visit a pasta factory  where you will learn all the secrets of this pasta and will watch local ladies working.

Lunch featuring different types of pasta will follow.
You will also get some local recipes and tips on how to cook pasta the correct way.

The afternoon continues in Naples.
On arrival, check into reserved rooms.

Late afternoon departure for a guided walk in Naples which fascinated travellers from every nook and cranny of the world in the 16th and 17th century, striding through areas laced with blacksmith shop showing off processing techniques handed down from generation to generation. Also on sight will be some of the most prestigious fashion houses which produce hand and custom made ties, shirts, high quality shoes, stupendous coral jewelleries and breath taking roads where celebrated Neapolitan crèches in Terracota have been made for centuries.

Dinner in a typical, de charme  restaurant where you will listen to genuine Neapolitan music and songs.

Return to hotel for the overnight relaxation.

5st Day

Naples . BB in hotel followed by a morning guided city tour including a visit to a splendid, privately  owned mansion and a stop for a coffee and “sfogliatella” in a famous, elegant and historic Cafè.

Lunch  in Antica Pizzeria Brandi  where the famous pizza Margherita was invented.


Dinner will be in an elegant, de charme restaurant where you will taste some of the historical dishes which were served for the Royal court, such as minestra maritata , ragu di carne, sartu di riso, babà  ( sponge cake steep in rum syrup), etc. etc. These are still being prepared in many homes as well as in some of the best restaurants following ancient recipes and rules. An expert will accompany you during the meal narrating the history of the dishes and some other epochal habits.

Return to hotel for an overnight stay.

6st Day

Naples. BB in hotel and then a transfer to an apartment. On arrival check in for your flight home and depart.

End of our services.

pania Flavou

  • Where: Campania and Naples region
  • Duration: 1 to 6 days
  • No of participants: 10 to 25