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Gourmet Tours in Italy

Gourmet tours

Italy is indisputably, a natural gourmet destination per excellence. It also doubles as a synonym of good food, drink and life. As a result of its geographical conformity, diverse climatic conditions, history and multiple cultural influences which has captivated all and sundry in the course of these centuries, Italy offers an incredible variety of high quality products from varied sources - dishes, wines, food mores - which are quite diverse not only between the regions but also within distances of a few kilometres.

Some Italian products and dishes are known and imitated all over the world but tasting them in their areas of origin, summons a very different feel. On the other hand, some other products and dishes are known only in their local area of origin. It is upon everyone to personally discover these wonders in the numerous Italian "street of taste".

Our gourmet travels are essentially a walk through good taste, fantastic smells, centuries of colours and traditions, and much more. Besides tasting our numerous specialties and special wines, knowing their origins, the accompanying anecdotes and the custodians of the traditions, we also give our clients the possibility to learn how to prepare some of these dishes during our "hands on pasta" lessons - a practical, tangible memory of your travel to take home. Furthermore, every trip with us is "flavoured" with visits to some special sites, often open exclusively to our clients - precious arte chest, history and culture - hardly known to other normal tourists.

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