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Dear Clients,
The passion for our “Bel Paese” is simply contagious, even for me who has devoted the last 20 years of my professional life to the Incentive market. While developing a detailed personal knowledge of Italy’s multi-facets in the process of creating unique and innovative itineraries for our Clients, I find I’m still passionate about these places and sites. An enthusiasm I want to share with you!

Through an elaborate mosaic of proposals, I’m confident that I can transmit a sense of feelings and emotions which reveal and illuminate that passion that comprise the soul of Italy. No detail has been spared to offer your Clients simply the finest experiences available on the Italian peninsula.

Discover the sense of well being, perfectly in touch with body and soul. Experiences that can only be found in the best suites in castles, aristocratic dwellings, convents and alluring lodges, all transformed into luxurious 5 star hotels: A truly Italian blend of excellence.

Feel the senses of taste and smell heighten when drawn into the counter plays of aromas and the nuances of palate which can only be satisfied in the best restaurants and vineyards. Explore the subtitles and elegance of the grape while guided through a tasting in the heart of Italy’s romantic wine country, Learn to cook in the kitchen of maestro and walk down the road towards mastery of your own.

Nothing can quite compare to the particular emotion of a realization that life beyond your own realm of experience is immensely different and satisfying. Learning in a country filled with antiquity, surrounded by ancient traditions and lore, guided by art historians, musicians, professors and others whose knowledge of history and culture is second to none gives you an experience of a lifetime. All the while cloaked in luxury and refinement, enveloped in an air of exclusivity - this is the stuff of dreams and memories!

Nurtured in Incentive travels, where the traveller is at the forefront of thought as they are guided through distinctly unique adventures, our 20 years of expertise has given rise to our motto, “Not the biggest but the best”. We are passionate about Italy and are masters at giving rise to emotional responses in our clientele for we strongly believe that excellence is not achieved by being big but by thinking big!

Mario Fabriani

Anfithrion DMC Via Cesare Balbo 35a - 00184 Rome (Italy) -                  Tel +39 06 48 71 006 - Fax +39 06 48 37 83
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