Fashion Tours in Italy

Italian fashion has had the honour of being graced in all its facets by not only one of the earliest leader of modern fashion, Elisa Schiaparelli, but also by top designers in the world today. Italians have also enjoyed the privilege of having the best leaders in the sector oversee everything they wear ranging from clothes to perfumes, shoes , jewellery or hair-dos in the better part of the last century.

Fashion is also a style, a way of life to be deepen and "tasted" directly on the spot. It is better to know about it directly in a place where it is created, in its natural and historical contexts, visiting stylists' workrooms, jewel designers, craftsmen of luxurious products, etc. Every region has its own specialty and particularity, even the most secluded places have some distinctiveness to be discovered with manufacturing that dates back to the middle ages and renaissance.

We also organise a personalised fashion parade with TOP models.

shion Tours

  • Where: Rome, Florence, Milan
  • Duration: 1 to 3 days
  • No of participants: 2 to 20