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Anfithrion's unblemished reputation in the incentive tours programs is a resounding echo and a yardstick for many across the length and breadth of the industry. From Incentive trips programs, meeting tours to corporate events, our activities are programmed with certain finesse and executed with an admirable éclat that makes us the toast of all, hence the current rat race among competitors in emulating our style.

On request, we tailor our programs to meet the needs of our clients based on their prerequisites, attending to every detail in a way to create an unassailable air of sophistication.


As customary in our programs, guests are treated to an extravagance of choices pertaining to accommodation. Our clients usually have a motley assortment of extra-luxurious places to choose from, including top traditional hotels, magnificent Medieval or Renaissance chateau or villas located in the middle of vineyards, transformed into a luxurious and relaxation retreats with a private home-like atmosphere.

Special dining, wine & food experiences:

The dinning table is probably where our midas touch comes on full display. We easily "steal" our clients' heart with sumptuous, mouth dropping Gala-Dinners with numerous dishes presented with special effects.

Our clients are also treated to theme Banquets (Middle Ages, Etruscan, Gonzaga's, Renaissance Wedding receptions, etc.) with special choreography, period costumes, torchlight parades and music. The banquets are usually held in castles, noble houses, convents, monasteries, abbeys and Medieval villages.

We organise meetings with the enogastronomic and Bacchic Confraternities and Sodalities, officiated over by the "Grand Maestro and the Brothers", dressed in velvet and damask showing their Emblems and wearing feathered Renaissance hats or top-hats, wide ermine-bordered mantels with large collars and carrying swords.

Visits to wine cellars where you'll taste the best wines, and to oil presses and dairies are attractions one cannot afford to miss.

Incentive and corporate events/ evenings

Sure features on our Incentive and corporate evenings are country-feasts with huge barbeques and typical farm dishes while you enjoy music, folkloristic performances and variety of games, Epoch Cars, Historical Parades, Toga Parties just to mention a few.

Also on display are theatre-plays and happenings in Medieval villages, recalling historic events and personalities, traditions and culinary customs, flag-wavers shows and concerts.

Private concerts in unique venues as St. Marks' Basilica or " sotto le stelle" at San Galgano's Abbey are shows to behold. We also boast of privileged access to some magnificent, privately owned epoch palazzos, castles, and villas, which are perfect locations for corporate events and incentive programs culminating in shoulder rubbing and dining with the owners.

Notable performances by some of the best known Italian musicians, opera singers, music bands and a surprise welcome by brass or military bands, historical parades by locals in magnificent epoch costumes and flag displaying performances, collectively, make the evening unabashedly momentous.

Sport, adventure and teambuilding activities

As part of our all-encompassing programs, we organise mini-cruises along Italian coasts and rivers in epoch boats and with stops in the most picturesque spots for meals and picnics with freshly caught fish.

Other activities include flights in hot-air balloon, tuna fishing in the Adriatic Sea, get-togethers with the fishermen of the Po Delta, a day with the "Butteri" (real Italian cow boys), etc.

Our sailing regattas and teambuilding activities are particularly captivating and fun-filled. This coupled with Rallies in Ferrari or vintage cars, tours in 4x 4 or quads on volcano slopes or through wild Sardinia's gores and mountains, golf tournaments, cookery competitions and cooking team works, etc, enliven our adventures with unforgettable memories.

Special visits

It is a common knowledge that Italian Fashion reigns supreme on the world stage. We take great pride in showing our clients round these showrooms and workshops. These carefully planned visits to these areas of excellence have been lauded over the years as remarkable for their informative and educative functions.

Anfithrion can also guarantee Private, after normal hour viewing of breathtaking museums such as the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, Galleria Borghese in Rome, the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, the Academia in Florence, etc.;

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Incentive Programs
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