Wandering around Palermo

A rather unusual circuit, following guided tours of the city’s most famous and splendid treasures: a walk through the colorful, fascinatingly lively open-air food-markets as the ‘Vucciria’ or  Ballarò, with tasting of mouthwatering street food the city is famous for;  stop in an elegant  coffee-house to taste delicate almond pastries, ‘cannoli’ filled with ricotta cream and candied fruits, ‘martorana’ fruit preserves and delicious  ice-creams; a chance to admire the jewels of Palermo’s Liberty architecture, and a visit to a workshop where fine Liberty-style stained-glass is made; a look at the livelyflea-market and the ‘’antique-sellers’ street’’; a Sicilian Marionettes show; a stop at the luxuriant Botanical Gardens, founded in 1785, with many rare plants from all over the world; visit to the grotto of Saint Rosalia, Palermo’s patron saint, on Mount Pellegrino.

Part of the  tour can be organized in the mythical and chic APE Calessino, a light          three-wheeled vehicle from 1960s.

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