Erice and Trapani’s salt-pans

Tour of Erice, a timeless town perched upon a mountainside enclosed by strange triangular walls – perhaps the most picturesquely evocative town in Sicily. Stop to taste the famous almond cakes, made entirely by hand in strict accordance with ancient recipes passed on by the nuns of a cloistered  Franciscan order.

Lunch featuring cous-cous, a local speciality inherited from the days of Arab domination. In the afternoon, visit to Trapani’s salt-pans, which date back to Phoenician times and extend over a vast distance, a unique landscape that stretches from the city along the coast all the way to Marsala. Visit to the old windmills that where used to transfer water from one basin to another (in the various stages of the process of extracting salt from sea-water). The salt-pans can be visited from land in 4 x 4 or from the sea, by boat, or viewed from above by helicopter.

rice and Trapa