A safety drive session

This session will take place on a special track created for this type of sessions,  equipped with the most modern technologies to train the drivers,  incl. water walls, located near Rome.  The  course simulates dangerous situations which can arise in everyday driving, incl. aquaplaning  but of course in conditions of utmost safety. The participants  will learn techniques  of a correct driving avoiding risks, to control their reactions, understand how a vehicle behaves in different situation and how to take the most appropriate actions to control it,  how  to face sharp bends, use of beaks, under-steering and over-steering, tires, aquaplaning.

At the end an aperitif and a rich snack  featuring local products  or lunch or dinner in a very special scenario, according to when the event will take place. Time permitting, it is possible to visit a nearby beautiful lake.

rive sessioa