The precious Brunello wine tour


Morning transfer to Montalcino, homeland of the precious Brunello wine. On arrival guided visit to a winery and its centuries old wine cellars and guided tasting  of  Rosso di Montalcino and of  Brunello wines.  At the end visit  to  San’Antimo’s  Abbey, one of the most fascinating venues in  Tuscany, famous for its alabaster columns and decorations, accompanied by Gregorian chant ( a private concert )   Tour of  Montalcino  will follow with  visit to 14th cent fortress – Enoteca  ( it is possible climb up to the ramparts for  panoramic views) and  walk across town’s timeless streets.

Lunch will take place in an elegant, de charme  restaurant , featuring local cuisine, incl. dishes prepared with Brunello wine.

Afternoon  visit to a  dairy producing the famous “ pecorino di Pienza” cheese to learn all the secrets of this special cheese, and tasting of  fresh and aged pecorino. At the end a short walk at Pienza and return to hotel.

cious Brunell

  • Where: Brunello area
  • Duration: 1 to 3 days
  • No of participants: 2 to 20