Hidden Naples and the Subterranean City

Tour of some of the most splendid jewels in the city’s artistic heritage, not normally on public view: the Pantheon Angioino in the church of St. John at Carbonara; 18th century Palazzo  Serra with its its scenography stairway; the gilded stucco work and frescoes           at    St.  Paul’s Church; Prince’s Sansevero  Chapel with the breathtaking Veiled Christ;     the archeological excavations with the remains of an early Christian church and building; the 1st century A.D. complex identified as the ‘macellum’ – the food market of  Neapolis; the  ‘aerarium’, the city’s ancient treasury; Seano’s Grotto, a tunnel dug at the end of the 1st    century B.C. to connect Vedius Pollio’s  Villa at Posillipo with the road to Pozzuoli; the Fontanelle Cemetery, etc, etc.

Lunch  at a stylish restaurant en route.