Amongst Sybils and Mysteries

Tour of the most complex and fascinating territory in the world; the Flegrean Fields. Visit to the Acropolis of Cuma and the grotto where the Sybil prophesied; boat-trip across the ‘infernal’ lake Avernus, which the Romans made into the inner basin of a military harbor linked to Cuma; bathing in a pool amongst sulfur fumes; stop at Pozzuoli to admire the temple of Serapis, one of the world’s most evocative and enigmatic monuments, and the Solfatara (sulfur –field) with the fumaroles characteristic of quiescent volcanic activity. Seaside lunch at Bacoli, the home of Nero’s mother Agrippina, whom he had murdered. Afternoon trip to Baia, celebrated by the poet Horace: ‘cento Camerelle’, the ‘wondrous pool’ and archeological park. With a special permit, the ruins of the submerged city can be viewed from a transparent-bottomed boat.

ngst Sybil