Piedmont is one of Italy’s  most progressive regions for culinary aspects, where excellent food pairs to superb wines creating  an  exemplary synergy,  with many Michelin-star restaurants competing with world’s  avant-garde chefs. It is homeland of Slow Food, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting food enjoyment, biodiversity and sustainability, founded in 1989 by  Carlo Petrini, an editor, writer and intellectual.

The Great Barolo and its sister wines, truffles, rich selection of cheeses, many appetizers, first courses incl. delicious hand-made small  ravioli “ agnolotti al plin” and rice, excellent quality local meat,  cakes and dessert s, yummy chocolate  are only some of the delights to taste visiting this wonderful land.

  • Where: Turin and area; Alba, Asti and the Langhe; Gavi and area, Cuneo; Vercelli; Lake Maggiore
  • Duration: from 1 till 4/5 days
  • No of participants: from 6 till 25 persons