Campania’s world famous pizza and pasta prepared with numerous recipes , are the symbols of Italian cuisine but there is much more  to discover in this region  where  food traditions go back to the Roman times as : delicious buffalo’s  milk mozzarella cheese dated back to the Lombards;  seafood  served  baked, grilled, fried and to accompany pasta dishes ; tomatoes and many othee vegetables , lemons;  the great cooking of  Royal Court with rich pastry-.making history  but also people’s food made with simple   and poor ingredients and a wide variety of street food,  and much , much more.


  • Where: Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paestum and area, Benevento and area ,
  • Duration: from 1 day till 4 and 5 days
  • No of participants: from 8 till 30 persons