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Gourmet Tours in Italy

Italy is par excellence a gourmet destination and a synonym of TOP quality food, wines and good life in general. Thanks to its geographical conformity, variety of climatic conditions, multiple cultures which influenced its history and traditions throughout the centuries, Italy offers an incredible variety of high quality wines, food products and cuisines which are quite diverse not only between the regions but also within short distances. Many Italian dishes and food products are served all over the world but tasting them locally, where they are produced or where they are originated from, wandering along the numerous Italian “ street of taste”, will make a difference.
In sharing this great culture, we organize food tours across Italy. The programs are worked out according to time available, the specific interests and budget of each group.
The tours are available all year round but the menus change depending on the products available during the different seasons.
Our clients, accompanied by highly qualified gastronomic guides, will have multi-sensory experiences stimulating the palate and sense of smell, delighting the mind and the eyes with cacophony of colors. They will be able to visit places like food-mills, oil-presses, pasta factories, dairy farms, cheese factories, wine cellars, bakeries, characteristic fish, fruit and vegetable markets, etc. In these visits, we explain how to choose the best quality fish, how to combine the right wines to different types of food, we show how to prepare the various kinds of pasta, pizzas or other local specialties, we tell anecdotes about the local specialties and the traditions. The participants will sample the best local food served in venues with historical and cultural significance as in the best restaurants, convents, monasteries, castles, old mills, characteristic mountain farm houses called “Masos”, etc.
We also organize technical visits, meetings with experts, specific food and wine tasting expeditions, « hands-on » cookery lessons ( a practical, tangible memory of the tour to take back home) , mini-conventions, meetings and discussions.
The Gastronomy tours can be combined with other tours as Wine tours and Olive oil tours.
We also offer different as well as personal courses in Italian cuisines of varying durations which can be focused on a regional cuisine or on the different thematic courses.

  • Where: across Italy with special emphasis on regions such as Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Umbria , Emilia Romagna, Rome/Latium, Campania and Liguria.
  • Duration: min. one day till seven days’ programmes
  • No of participants: from 06 till 20/ 25 pax; it is possible and but not recommended to exceed this number of participants.


Campania’s world famous pizza and pasta prepared with numerous recipes , are the symbols of Italian cuisine but there is much more  to discover in this region  where  food traditions go back to the Roman times as : delicious buffalo’s  milk mozzarella cheese dated back to the Lombards;  seafood  served  baked, grilled, fried and to...
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Campania Flavours

1st Day Late morning arrival in Naples apartment, followed by a meeting with our Tour Leader ( versed in clients’ language, if possible, otherwise an English speaking person ) and then transfer in a deluxe bus to an ancient and picturesque village, over 1000 year old, one of the oldest and unspoiled in the Sanio area,...
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