Breathtaking historical venues

All over Italy, Anfithrion oversees ancient villas, convents, castles, manor houses, mansions, palatial homes from various epoch,  with unique characters and exceptional atmosphere, located in outstanding surroundings.

Some of the venues are still private homes where our clients will have the privilege to  be hosted by descendents of ancient and historic noble families for lunches, dinners, Gala dinners or epoch banquets, for a once-in the life experience or just a private tour led by the castle lord to view behind  the scenes life of a castle and areas not normally open to public and capped with a cocktail reception.

History, tradition and exclusive hospitality  combined with exquisite local food and fine wines will create an unforgettable backdrop to your business event.

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  • Where: all over Italy
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days
  • No of participants: from 10 till 400 persons