Millemilia historic italian car race

Don't miss the possibility of a close up view of "the most beautiful car race in the world".

It is an evocation of the historic and unrivalled "Mille Miglia" car race which ran across Italy when it started in 1927 and was defined as "the most beautiful car race in the world" by Enzo Ferrari. Participating in the race then were the best brand names in car racing and the best race drivers in the world. This was synonymous with a challenge against time, limits of technical capabilities and the ability and resistance of a man. The cars and the competition also came to be identified with adventures, emotions and discoveries.

The modern "Mille Miglia" historic car race which started in 1982 and takes place every May, is a competition among the most beautiful cars in the world dating back to historic times. It is a tough competition but at the same time, a parade of historic cars of inestimable values which are all available for vision only on this occasion. Over three hundred cars, all built between the 1920s and the 1950s, and which its past models had participated in at least one previous edition of this race, participate in the race ,divided into seven historical periods. They run for classifications by speed and precision along race tracks, from Brescia to Rome via Ferrara, Urbino, San Marino, passing through Tuscany to return to Brescia - all in 31 hours of racing.

You could enjoy a close up view of this caravan that is so unique in the whole world with us, basically a travelling museum that is more than one kilometer long. Have a taste of the atmosphere of a great party that have always accompanied this fascinating event full of enthusiasm, competitive spirit but also of fun and tourism. Be part of the exciting, preparatory atmosphere, relive the rites of times past and acquaint yourself with the protagonists of the most beautiful car race in the world.

We can also organize a MILLE MIGLIA (thousand mile) event exclusively for your clients, along race tracks and in epoch cars with all the rites and rules of a race competition: runs for classification by speed and precision along the race tracks; meet and greet the locals in the locality they will be passing through. You can also take your time for a "slow drive" to better and calmly appreciate the itinerary "off the beaten paths", passing through Solferino, Verona, Ferrara, Ravenna, San Marino, Urbino, Gubbio, Spoleto, Terminillo, Rieti, Viterbo, Pienza, Siena, Florence, Moderna, Maranello, Reggio Emilia and Cremona, "tasting" beautiful landscapes en route, local gastronomy and the exquisite hospitality of the people.

milia histo

  • Where: central Italy, from Brescia to Rome
  • Duration: from a full day programme till 3 or 4 days programmes
  • No of participants: from 06 pax till 100 pax