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Descents into steep gorges that's almost inaccessible, but fully equipped to dive into an uncontaminated and wild nature including thunderous waterfalls and natural white water slide.
An involving experience mixed with excitement and fun while chasing away the secret of the white water.

Free Climbing

A sport that is almost like a dance and a challenge to gravity through its psycho-physical performances powered by the innate desire for unlimited space from the parent rock, including great sensations of living with grit and emotion.
This sport is all about concentration, balance and contact with nature. The climbing school offers you the chance to study and take on this sport, highlighting the various aspects of body movement and the techniques of climbing, not to mention all the information and advice to ensure the necessary security.


Surviving, a playful and experimental survival flap based on a challenge or a non risky simulation test, puts a premium as a spiritual and material incentive to an alternative to life. Just as "Free Climbing" is not pure climbing, Surviving is also not pure survival as both activities do not reduce their boundaries but extend them. "Getting involved" is a principle that lies between the athlete and the existential. Surviving is considered by sports medicine as the safest of extreme, combined efforts sporting activities. Being quite knowledgeable on a couple of tens of sporting disciplines (swimming, running, canyoning, orientation, etc.), this activity provides some mechanisms for self-protection that exceed players' competitiveness. A sport that touches the Human Ecology (man relationship to the environment), behavioural psychology, experimental anthropology and can be therapeutic as it strengthens the defence of the immune system (tested on an expedition to Kenya experimenting on the Survival of "guinea pigs", the survival mode of the first homo in similar environmental conditions and stress).

Adventure Park

The adventure trails are a consolidated reality in Italy in that the games and sporting activities are accessible to everyone. It is conducted through a series of steps in adventurous moves from tree to tree, and always safely secured to a steel cable through the anchor rope (double long) and a harness.
A tour of Discovery Park is the ideal testing ground for mastering the disciplines of outdoor verticals like cannoning, potholing and climbing. This visit is also the perfect complement to a half day spent on similar activities or as fun alternative for partners who maybe be interested in other activities.
The courses stimulate concentration and balance, developing security, sense of responsibility and autonomy. The park allows adults to escape from everyday life, experiencing the excitement of adventure and joy of being among friends.
They also facilitate understanding between colleagues/ partners as they spend fun moments together in the green. The routes are available to everyone. Besides, they do not require any special athletic talent and their trip typically takes about 2 hours.

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