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Movie Making

Movie Making

Incentive Activity

Movie Making is an incentive activity in which the
movie industry flings its doors open to offer an
amazing teambuilding experience for performances,
both on individual and group skills. This activity
allows the participants to direct and play a real-life
movie, using a script and a digital video-camera. It also
encourages participants to be creative in using their fantasy to create their own version of a famous film shot in Italy such as La Dolce Vita or alternatively, invent a new film inspired by local legends, stories, history, facts, famous personalities or historical heroes.

Anywhere in Italy, like Rome or other cities or villages in Italy are natural and unique film sceneries and many of them have became world-famous for films shot there. It is of course possible to choose an unknown location for emphasis and render it memorable.

How it works:
There will be a Movie Making presentation an evening before. The participants will be split in teams and each team will make all the preliminary preparation for the activity including costumes if necessary. In the morning the teams will meet at the Starting Point designated in accordance with the Client's needs ( for example, the hotel they are staying at). From here, they'll prowl the most famous corners of places like downtown Rome, shooting their own version of the famous film chosen. It can be a half day or a full day activity, depending on the time available. Each team will be given: *the synopsis of the famous film chosen or of a legend, a fact, or a historical event to base their film ( video clip) on and the rules of the activity; the teams will absolutely be free to decide what to play and what to say; we will leave it to the teams' creativity to decide where or how to perform and shoot the scene, or what the "actors" will have to do; *full-colour necklace badge, personalized with the Client's brand, for identification will be provided for every team. * a road map to help identify the best path to any given location (one per team) will be provided; *a digital video-camera, with a 30 minutes digital tape and spare batteries will also be available for the activity.

The teams will be free to roam through the streets of Rome or of any other location on their own . In each of the places chosen with the Client, there will be a tutor ready to assist the teams. At the end of the activity, the teams will gather at the Finish Point, where they will give back all of the scripts and the video-cameras to our staff. Eventual lunch arrangement will be decided according to the location and duration of the Movie Activity. All movies shot by various teams will be edited to be viewed during the Gala/Farewell dinner. There will be three nominations in each category ( best movie, best creativity, best actor, best actress, best funny idea ). These will be announced after the movies are shown and the best works will be awarded.

Have fun and..... "ciak" action !

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